Here at Dalmatian Association of Queensland Australia we strive to educate new owners of the Dalmatian dog, their characteristics and anomalies and also the responsibilities needed in being owned by a Dalmatian.

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Will be hosting 15th National Dalmatian Specialty Show during the Queen’s Birthday weekend in 2015

Dalmatian Association Of Qld Specialty Show June 2014

Best in show
Ch. Lykatyga Dark Crystal
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Likadyce Spotlight On Me



The Dalmatian is easily recognised amongst dogs by his elegant carriage and distinctive spotted coat, and has as many points in his favour as he has spots.

He is the dog for all reasons and his requirements are simple. A well balanced meal, a comfortable home, indoors or out, plenty of exercise, affection and understanding, and most importantly human companionship.

As he is a sensitive fellow he is easily ruined by harsh treatment, becoming introverted or taking to wandering if his affection and attention is not returned. Wonderfully even tempered he enjoys children's rough play, tolerates the family cat and ignores a fight unless provoked. He is not by nature a yapper or barker, but will quietly guard his possessions (the greatest being his family) from intruders.

He is a marvellous companion, adapting quickly to different situations. A natural clown, he has been and still is in some cases a dog of the entertainment world, working on the stage and with the circus. In America he is renowned as the Fire Department Dog.

Through the centuries he has been a hunting, retriever, sheepdog, tracker and vermin dog, but above all he is recognised as the Carriage Dog. He has an uncanny affinity with horses, and it was the fashion in the days of horse drawn carriages to have a pair of Dalmatians running beneath or behind the carriage.

His black or liver spotting is exclusive to the breed. He matures into a well balanced muscular dog, and stands 60 cm (bitches are usually 2 cm or so shorter). His unique kidney system resembles that of a human and is susceptible to kidney stones.

Having a short coat, the Dalmatian is easy to groom, and does not have a doggy odour. Even though his basic colour is white, he keeps himself remarkably clean and will sometimes wash himself like a cat in order to rid himself of dirt.

His unusual smile is quite often taken for a snarl until one sees the furiously wagging tail and mischievous eye.

The main defects or faults of the Dalmatian are mainly cosmetic, which is patches, incomplete eye rims or nose pigmentation, blue eyes and tri-colouration. His most serious problem is deafness, but if you buy from a reputable breeder he will have been constantly tested, if deafness does occur these puppies are humanely put to sleep.

If you wish to show your Dalmatian it firstly has to be registered. You should receive your papers from the breeder within a month of purchase. Secondly you will have to join Dogs Queensland. The address is P.O. Box 495, Fortitude Valley, 4006. Phone (07) 3252 2661

If you would like further information on the Dalmatian please contact any one of our committee members, they would be more than pleased to be of assistance.

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